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Electronic Receipt of Lease and related documents Agreement

To apply for or enter into a lease-purchase, rent-to-own or similar contract with us (a “Lease”), you must first agree to this Consent on the computer you are using (together with any other computer in the same location, the “Computer”). By doing so, you agree that we may make “Documents” available to you on the Computer or, at our option in paper form instead. (As used in this Consent, “Documents” means the Lease and all other documents we need to provide you under applicable law - such as this Consent, your application for a Lease or spending authority and any related disclosures or documents we are required to provide you in writing under applicable law in connection with the Lease, including any hang-tag disclosure, any notice that we are not approving an application and any other required, written information relating to a Lease you apply for or enter into.) As a courtesy, we will also e-mail the Lease and certain other Documents to you, make them available at (the “Website”) and/or mail them to you. Documents will generally remain available on the Computer and/or the Website, or by mail, for at least 25 months (or, for a Lease, 25 months after the end of the Lease).

This Consent applies to all Documents. If you do not agree to this Consent or you withdraw this Consent before entering into a Lease, you will only be able to enter into a Lease on the Website (after agreeing to a consent similar to this Consent) or, perhaps, at another store that offers our products. If you first agree to this Consent, enter into a Lease and then withdraw this Consent, the Lease will remain in effect and all Documents will remain available on the Computer. However, any Documents we provide after you withdraw this Consent will be provided to you in paper form.

You agree that we may send e-mails to you at the e-mail address you have given us in order to advise you of upcoming or missed payments, to provide additional information about any Lease, as a courtesy, or to market Products or services to you.

You may view Documents, obtain paper copies of Documents without charge, update your e-mail address or withdraw this Consent by logging onto your account on the Computer or the Website and following the online instructions for the desired action. You can also do all these things, except viewing Documents, by calling us toll-free at (855) 353-9289. Any withdrawal of this Consent will be effective only after we have a reasonable period of time to process your request.

To access the Documents on the Computer, on the Website or by e-mail, the device you are using must have a widely-used, recent-generation web browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) [and Adobe Reader]. The Computer meets the above requirements. However, you cannot print documents on the Computer. To store or print Documents on your own device, you need to have a printer connected to your device or you need to have a hard drive or disk drive. You promise us that you have the hardware, software and printer or drive described above, and you promise us that the e-mail address you have provided is your correct e-mail address.

Effective 06/04/2015