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Lease to Own TV & Home Theater

Find the perfect screen for your entertainment space, including the new 4K Ultra HD TVs.

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Find the perfect screen for your entertainment space, including the new 4K Ultra HD TVs.

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Watch movies in Full HD with a Blu-ray player and expand your entertainment with a streaming media player.

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Find the perfect screen for your entertainment space, including the new 4K Ultra HD TVs.

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Complete your entertainment space with a TV stand or mount, stylish furniture, and more.

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Add essential extras like HDMI cables and universal remote controls.

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Lease to Own TV & Home Theater

FlexShopper provides you the perfect stress-free TV financing for all your viewing needs that is manageable for anyone's budget. Apply today for your instant spending limit and get up to $2,500 to spend on a lease to own TV. offers the most premier name brand televisions available on the market today including Vizio, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, and Seiki Digital. With our wide selection of lease to own HDTVs including 3D TVs, Smart TVs, LED TVs and Plasma TVs, everyone can lease the latest in cutting- edge technology, all with affordable weekly payments.

HDTVs have flooded the market with an overwhelming variety of different features, displays, screen sizes, resolutions, so finding the best choice for you can seem daunting. However, here at FlexShopper we help alleviate some of that stress with our variety of lease to own HDTVs. Whether you are looking for a basic low-cost television or a feature-packed, razor thin HDTV, has something for everyone.

3D TVs allow you to bring the big-screen feel right into your living room or home theater. Our lease to own 3D TVs don't stop at your highly anticipated 3D movies, but continue into most of your preferred TV programs as well as your favorite video games. Lease to own 3D TVs make an excellent choice for all TV viewers as they come fitted with an excellent display that has a prime contrast of color, superior blacks and unparalleled motion response making for the optimal 3D and 2D viewing.

LED-Backlit LCD TVs deliver an ideal viewing experience with a brighter picture, enhanced contrast of colors and rich blacks all contained within a sleek flat screen. Lease to own LED-Backlit HDTVs use a substantial array of LED lights directly behind the panel providing an evenly illuminated screen. LED HDTVs provide a high energy-efficient option saving you money without ever compromising picture quality. If this sounds like the ideal television for you, lease to own an LED TV today.

Plasma TVs are the innovators of the first flat screen TV that puts out significantly less light than an LED TV, but usually comes with superior color. Lease to own a new Plasma TV and quickly learn they are nothing like they used to be. No more running liquid or pictures burning into to the screen – our lease-to-own Plasma TVs are extremely affordable and do not lack anything in picture quality. Lease a Plasma TV if you want to get the most size out of your money.

Smart TVs are the perfect fit for the consumer looking to enhance their regular viewing experience. Lease to own Smart TVs are either Ethernet or Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to connect to the internet to stream videos & music, surf the web and grants access to a variety of applications and widgets. Some of the apps these lease-to-own Smart TVs come with are for streaming and social networking including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, LinkedIn, Angry Birds, and a web browser. If this new technology is what you prefer, lease a Smart TV and own it in a year or less.

Size really does matter when choosing the proper television for your living room, bedroom or home theater. It is recommended to have a 32" or smaller TV if you wish to place the television in your bedroom and a 43"-49" TV for your living room or home theater. However, for those big rooms, lease to own a 60 inch" or larger HDTV for the best viewing experience.

If you already have a television, be sure to lease to own a brand new home theater system or sound bar for that true theater experience. Also available are a variety of Blu-ray & DVD players as well as video game consoles for lease, turning any standard HDTV into the perfect entertainment center.

Looking for a TV on a budget? Have bad or no credit? TV financing with no credit required is easy at Apply now, finance a television with bad credit and own it in 12 months or less.