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Find all your favorite consoles, including the limited edition bundles, and new games the day they come out!

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Microsoft's Xbox One comes in both 500GB and 1TB systems. You'll find all the great best from Xbox 360 are now backwards compatible.

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Since its first creation in 1994, PlayStation has been a powerhouse in the gaming work. Come and feel the power of what the PlayStation 4 has to bring.

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Now in its newest generation, the Nintendo Wii U combines the power of a console with the experience of a handheld.

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Lease to Own Video Games

Looking for financing on an Xbox One or Playstation 4? Rent to own one of many video games and consoles from in minutes. Simply apply here for up to $2,500 in spending limit on the site, and start looking for the perfect Playstation lease, lease to own an Xbox, or become an extreme gamer and own both in a year or less with low weekly payments.

Get Microsoft's newest gaming system at FlexShopper! Rent to own an Xbox One and you will be shocked to see the improved graphics and real-life feel; plus it can be controlled just your voice. Watch Blu-ray DVDs, store tons of music and communicate online with people around the world with Xbox Live. And don't forget an extra controller or headset to enhance your gaming.

Prefer Sony and their brand new Playstation 4? An upgrade to the PS3, lease to own a PS4 and feel a brand new way of gaming with the six-axis controller and touch pad on the controller. Now you can also share your epic gaming victories with your friends as Sony's Playstation 4 allows you to scan through previous gameplay and upload it as you continue playing. With accessories like controllers and headsets, you can customize your PS4 console as you see fit. Starting at just $2 a week you can lease to own PS4 games available for all ages.

Looking to keep your kids a little more active while they play their video games? Try a Nintendo Wii, where the controllers need to be held in both hands and moved around – it's like playing baseball without playing baseball. Nintendo also offers the Wii U as well as the DS, which are both handheld gaming consoles that do not need to be connected to a TV. Perfect for long road trips!

Other than the newest video game systems available, FlexShopper also offers Xbox 360 leases or you can lease a Playstation 3. If you already have the gaming system, be sure to check out our huge selection of rent to own HDTVs, home theater systems and sound bars for the ultimate gaming experience.

Wanting a video game console on a budget? Have bad or no credit? Finance an Xbox One with no credit at Apply today and get Playstation financing with bad credit in minutes and with affordable weekly payments you can own it in 12 months or less.