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6.5-inch Powered Coaxial Studio Multimedia Monitor Speakers (Pair)

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The consistent acoustic center of our 6.5-inch Powered Coaxial Studio Multimedia Monitor Speakers produces a symmetrical dispersion pattern, resulting in exceptional 3D imaging and a natural listening experience that reveals the subtlest details. Sound energy is propagated from exactly the same point and delivered through the center of the low frequency cone – a true point-source. The coaxial drivers deliver a spherical wave front that ensures even dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, providing exceptional off-axis performance and a large sweet spot. Dedicated power amplifiers, 60 watts for the low frequency and 30 watts for the high frequency, deliver headroom that reduces distortion and puts you deep in the mix with detailed transient response. The compact design and versatile inputs make these reference monitors an ideal choice for critical listening for all levels of music and sound production.

Coaxial drivers have two main advantages over traditional designs with a separate high- and low-frequency driver. The first is that high- and low-frequency sounds originate from the same point in space. This "point source" delivers the full range of sound frequencies in correct phase alignment, resulting in a smoother frequency response and improved clarity. The second advantage is one of simple speaker real estate. Because the high- and low-frequency drivers are combined (with no separate high-frequency horn), speaker cabinets and faceplates can be smaller.

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