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Coleman Duo2 2V8WP Dual Screen Shock & Waterproof Digital Camera, 4x Digital Zoom, Green

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Waterproof Camera/Camcorder with Dual LCD Screens
Bring the Coleman Duo 2V8WP Dual Screen Waterproof & Shockproof Digital Camera with you on your next adventure! Ideal for shooting outdoors and built to withstand the elements, this lightweight and compact camera features front & back dual LCD screens, 720p high-definition video, 18 megapixel photo resolution, 4x digital zoom, and 10 scene modes including self-timer. From snorkeling to skiing, you can take the Duo2 2V8WP with you wherever you go and use it to create everlasting memories with the ones you love.

Dual LCD Screens
High quality 2.7'' Back LCD Screen coupled with a 1.8'' Front LCD display makes it very convenient and ideal for snapping selfies with ease.

High Resolution Sensor
Capture vivid 720p HD video and shoot up to 18MP high resolution in still image mode.

4x Digital Zoom
4x digital zoom allows you to shoot both long distances and intimate close-ups.

High-Definition Video
Vivid 720p HD video captures stunning details and creates high-quality.

18 Megapixel Resolution
Shoot up to 18MP high-resolution in still mode for crisp, clear images.

10 Scene Modes
Choose between ten unique scene modes that adhere to your subject/setting to produce optimal results. Scene modes include:
@@ Auto (camera automatically chooses optimum shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and flash settings for you so you just need to point and shoot!)
@@ Night Portrait (raises ISO sensitivity, lowers shutter speed, and turns on flash to focus on & illuminate subjects in dark settings)
@@ Night Scenery (sets itself similarly to Night Portrait mode except flash is turned off for ideal nighttime scenic/landscape shots)
@@ Portrait (focuses on subject in the foreground and blurs out background to allow subject to stand out against the rest of the scene)
@@ Scenery (opposite of portrait mode in that it uses a small aperture (high f/number) in order to have the entire scene as focused as possible)
@@ Sport (increases shutter speed in order to freeze the action in frame)
@@ Party (slower shutter speed than normal and turns on red-eye reduction if flash is turned on)
@@ Beach (enables exposure compensation to prevent underexposure that usually occurs in bright outdoor settings)
@@ High Sensitivity (camera selects a very high ISO number according to the level of light in a scene)
@@ Underwater (automatically color-corrects footage to improve color & contrast).

Dual LCD Screens
Large 2.7'' Back LCD Screen and 1.8'' Front LCD display makes this the perfect camera for selfies.

Bring It Outdoors
Your Duo2 isn't just a camera, it's the ultimate travel buddy. Super compact, portable, rugged, and drop-proof up to 3.2 ft, you can take this rugged camera with you wherever you go!

Bring It On The Mountain
Freeze-proof up to -10 Degrees C, this camera is perfect for snapping action shots with fellow shredders up on the mountain or recording a live sporting event from the bleachers.

Bring It In Water
Make a splash on social media with the photos/videos you take with your Duo2. Waterproof up to 10 ft, the days of plastic bagging your camera are over.

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