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DJI Osmo Action 4K HDR Camera - Bundle With 2-in-1 Mini Tripod & Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Control, 32GB Extreme microSDHC Class 10 U3 Memory Card

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Osmo Action is an action camera equipped with dual color screens. Featuring excellent RockSteady stabilization technology as well as 4K HDR video capabilities, it is a great value-for-money imaging device that satisfies all your high-action content creation needs. Osmo Action is perfect for in action sport, vlogging, travel, and other content creation scenarios.

Key Features

Dual Color Screens
Osmo Action supports dual color screens. The 2.25-inch back HD touch screen and 1.4-inch front HD screen enable users to take selfies more conveniently while ensuring the desired composition. Optimized selfie setup enables users to view the composition in real time. Double tap the back screen with two fingers or press and hold the QS button to easily switch between front and back screen.

Suggested Scenarios: Outdoor activities such as parachuting, mountain biking, and diving, Vlogging, Travel, Shooting at special camera positions (such as mounting the product on the helmet or in front of the surfboard).

RockSteady (Electronic Image Stabilization)
The intelligent electronic image stabilization algorithm of RockSteady makes every shot smooth and steady in action-packed scenarios. Osmo Action supports RockSteady up to 4K/60P/100mbps.

Suggested Scenarios: extreme sports such as skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, and parkour, as well as everyday usage including walking, running.

Note: It is highly encouraged to test RockSteady in good lighting.

4K HDR Video
The dynamic range of the screen has been improved, enabling up to 3 EV. Details in highlights and shadows are better preserved in high-contrast lighting scenarios.

Suggested Scenarios: Scenes with high-contrast lighting conditions, such as glaciers, snowy mountains, lakes, and deserts.

Note: 4K HDR Video cannot be used in combination with RockSteady mode.

Action OS
Osmo Action has a built-in Action OS based on the demands of action camera application scenarios for convenient operations:

@@ Snapshot (enable it and start shooting at one tap when the camera is powered off or in sleep mode)
@@ Customized mode (can save frequently used settings and custom shooting modes)
@@ QS button: quick switch the shooting mode, and support customized mode in this QS button
@@ Double tapping the back screen with two fingers to easily switch between front and back screen., greatly saving the operation time for camera setting.

Suggested Scenarios: Osmo Action's display and operation performance in bright lighting environments; use Osmo Action in sports scenarios to show its operation convenience. Riding, climbing, night shot etc. it is emphasis that the easy and quick operation for mode switch.

Waterproof & Dustproof & Operating Temperature
Osmo Action can function 11 meters underwater without water housing. The camera is also dust-proof. Dust can be rinsed after being used in high action environments. Thanks to the QS (Quick Switch), users can quickly switch between different frequently used features (HDR, Slowmo etc).

Osmo Action adopts high performance battery scheme to optimize battery life even in extremely low or high temperature environments. It can be operated in temperatures ranging from -10 Degree C to 40 Degree C (14 Degree F to 104 Degree F).

Suggested Scenarios: Surfing, diving, and action-packed scenarios in sub-zero temperatures.

Timed Photo, Timelapse, Hyperlapse and Slow Motion
@@ Timed Photo: Osmo Action takes a series of photos in RAW format that users can stitch together in post-production into a timelapse-like video. The timed photo feature enables professional users with more creative flexibility.

@@ Timelapse: Condense time and movement for stunning, easy-to-achieve results.
@@ Hyperlapse: This feature is not available in the current firmware, but will be available to users after the official launch.
@@ Slow motion: support 1080p/720 120fps/240fps 4/8 times slow motion.
@@ Suggested Scenarios: Natural landscape, cityscapes, and creative content.

120s Long Exposure
Osmo Action is equipped shutter speed up to 120s under manual settings, currently the slowest shutter speed available for action cameras on the market.

Suggested Scenarios: Light painting, light streak, night photography, astrophotography.

Comparative Advantages
@@ Dual Screens: Osmo Action is the first action camera with a front color screen, which enables users to adjust composition while taking selfies.
@@ RockSteady: RockSteady can greatly reduce camera shake and ensure more smooth footage.
@@ 4K HDR Video: one of few action cameras that support 4K HDR video in the market.
@@ Image Quality: With higher contrast and rich details in footage.
@@ Screen Quality: equipped with high brightness screens.

@@ Optimized UI Design: In order to maximize users' efficiency of using Osmo Action for shooting, Osmo Action also allows users to quickly switch shooting modes through physical buttons and dual color screens. In SnapShot mode, users can press the record button once to start recording, even when the device or screen is turned off.

Product Design:
@@ Battery Compartment Design: Osmo Action adopts an integrated battery compartment. Users can quickly unlock the battery compartment by sliding the locks at two ends of the compartment. This design enables users to remove the battery more quickly.

@@ Quick-release joint makes adding on or removing different accessories easier than ever.

RockSteady: To ensure the best electronic stabilization performance, it is highly recommended to use RockSteady in good lighting. The RockSteady functions the best when the resolution is set at 1080p/2.7K 30fps;

Waterproofing: Please make sure the two battery lock mechanisms are securely locked. Also make sure the microSD card compartments and lens are completely covered and tightened. (More info in the Quick Start Guide).

Voice Recording: Please make sure not to cover the microphone while shooting.

Product Specifications

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