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DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo with E3 4K VR Gaming Headset and NOLO Controller

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What's Included

  • DPVR E3 4K Gaming Headset
  • 2x USB Data Cable
  • USB Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Charging Cable
  • 2x NOLO 6 DoF Controller
  • NOLO Base Station
  • NOLO HMD Tracker
  • EU-Socket
  • Instruction Manual
  • DPVR 2 Year Limited Warranty



E3 PC Tethered VR Headset
The DPVR E3 is a powerful virtual reality headset that can be tethered to a PC for gaming, entertainment and adapted for use in corporate or enterprise situations for groups of people to use with NOLO.

Virtual reality like never before
The DVPR E3 headset is a powerful VR device ready to take on the most serious applications. Plug it into your PC to get access to a world of immersive gaming, entertainment and more.

The E3 headset is packed with technology rich features
Every one of our headsets have been designed to fulfil the requirements for various VR applications. From a personal cinema viewing experience to the latest 6 DOF or NOLO full interactivity applications.

Low latency
Our engineers have made sure the E3 headset can be used with the latest games to provide razer sharp images and low screen latency so you can see every bit of the action.

Steam VP Compatible
The E3 headset is compatible with Steam VR which means you get access to hundreds of virtual reality games from around the world at the touch of a button.

Giant cinema-like screen
As soon as you start viewing content you feel like you are sitting in front of your own personal giant cinema screen. You can even adjust the brightness and angle of view for a better viewing experience at the touch of a button.

6 degree of freedom
The E3 model ranges includes a choice of either 6 degrees of freedom so that you can choose how you want to use virtual reality. Together with resolutions up to 4K or even the optional NOLO controllers you have plenty of choice for how you want to use your headset.

Application Compatibility
You can use the E3 virtual reality headset with hundreds of different software applications and popular content platforms to enjoy the content you love from the places you want.

NOLO controls
The E3 GC models include NOLO positional tracking that can bring 'room scale' positional tracking and motion controls to your VR headset.

Up to 4K resolution
The E3 range includes a selection of either high definition or 4K screen resolutions. Get incredible detail, clarity & the highest screen resolution available in a VR headset for gaming or entertainment.

App Store Compatible
Access thousands of VR games and applications from the Viveport VR App Store or Steam VR at the touch of a button via your PC

Crisp Fresnel Lens
Our engineers spent many hours optimising the optical design of our headsets. The Fresnel lens reduces stray light and halo effects to deliver crisp image quality.

The E3 controller choices - 6 DoF NOLO
The E3 gives you a choice 6 degree of freedom NOLO for a completely immersive experience together with compatibility with a wide rang of applications.

E3 VR Headset Applications
Education | Training | Simulation | Enterprise

DPVR virtual reality headsets are used around the world by leading brands in many different industry sectors to provide a range of solutions in school education, training, simulation devices and enterprise solutions.

VR Headset Support And Flexibility
DPVR has relationships with a number of industry leaders such as DELL, AMD, Qualcomm, Huawei and others that we have developed to create a global platform to provide year round support or customisation for our VR headset products.

Wireless VR Headsets
Complete wireless freedom that enables portable, mobile VR headset use practically anywhere.

PC Tethered VR Headsets
PC powered virtual reality to create powerful application solutions in schools, offices or for personal use.

VR Broadcasting
Broadcast content to multiple headsets to facilitate group training or presentations.

Global Support
Technical support provided by our team anywhere in the world for complete peace of mind.

VR Customisation
Headset customisation to suit any type of application including OEM supply for gifting or rewards.

Enterprise Compatible
Tough and reliable hardware designed for heavy duty use in business environments.

E3 Wired Broadcasting Capabilities
The E3 can be used as a wired broadcast solution that takes content from a single HDMI source and shares it out to many.

You can broadcast videos or images on multiple devices in a very cost-effective way.

This solution is ideal for smaller environments like training rooms or classrooms in schools.
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