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Dyson - DC39 Origin Bagless Canister Vacuum - Yellow/Iron

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What's Included

  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor
  • Stair tool, combination accessory tool, Triggerhead floor tool


Keep your home clean with this Dyson DC39 Origin 205779-01 bagless canister vacuum, which feature Radial Root Cyclone technology to efficiently remove microscopic particles, including dust, dirt, allergens and pet hair, from carpets and bare floors.


  • Canister vacuum for a variety of cleaning chores
    Powerful suction for cleaning dirt and dust from carpet, tile, vinyl and wood.
  • Bagless Radial Root Cyclone technology for increased suction
    No more clogged bags or filters. Flow efficiencies reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure while trapping microscopic particles in the inner cyclones.
  • HEPA filter
    Helps capture allergens and microscopic particles such as mold, bacteria and pollen.
  • Easy maneuvering around furniture and baseboards
    The pivoting ball makes steering simple. Since more technology resides inside the ball, there's less external machinery to interfere with your turns.
  • Control the cleaner head from the handle
    The triggerhead tool lets you switch floor types without bending down. To turn off the rotating brush bar when vacuuming delicate rugs and hard floors, simply push the trigger.
  • Engineered for reduced noise levels
    The motor is attached to the housing with sound-dampening mounts, and sound-insulating materials absorb additional noise.
  • Simple emptying features
    Releases dirt and debris into the trash with the press of a button. The clear bin lets you easily see when it needs emptying.
  • Extra tools for cleaning more than the floor
    Includes a stair tool and a combination crevice/brush tool for upholstery and other unique surfaces.

Product Specifications

Type of Vacuum:Canister
Motor:11 amps
Cleaning Path Width:10-1/2"
Bagless Technology:Yes
ENERGY STAR Certified:No
Brush Roll:Motorized power brush
Cord Length:21.7"
Filtration Type:HEPA
Self Propelled:No
Edge Cleaning:Yes
Floor Type:Carpet and bare floor