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Escali L600 L-Series High Precision Professional Lab Scale, 600 Gram/0.1 Gram

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Escali L-Series L-600 Laboratory Scale

Ultra High Precision

The Escali L-600 digital scale is built for precision. With a 600 gram capacity, this scale is capable of measuring with increments of 0.01 ounce (0.1 gram.) It will measure in grams, ounces, grains, carats, pennyweights and troy ounces. To protect the scale from moisture the backlit display and control buttons are covered by a clear plastic shield. For added durability the scale features a stainless steel weighing surface, which is removable for easy cleaning. Hand wash only.

Counting Mode

Count large quantities of small items with the counting mode. First, place a small reference quantity on the scale. The scale will determine the individual unit weight, and then you may add the remaining bunch for a count of the total quantity.

Tare Feature

If you want to remove the weight of a container, or previously measured items, press the Tare button conveniently located on the front of the scale. Additionally, the scale will automatically tare the weight of anything placed on the weighing platform before it is turned on.

Memory Feature

Find the cumulative weight of multiple items with the Memory Feature. After placing an item on the scale and finding its weight, press the ON/MEM button to add that weight to the scale's memory. Each time you save an item to memory the scale will display the cumulative weight stored.

Auto-Off Technology

Extend battery life without sacrificing function. The automatic shut-off feature will keep you from having to turn the scale back on when stepping away on occasion to attend to other tasks. The optional Escali 9 Volt Power Adapter will disable the auto-off feature, leaving the power controls to the On/Off button only.

Display Hold Feature

Use this to weigh items that are larger than the scale and may cover the display. Press the HOLD button and place your item on the scale. After you hear a beep you can take the item off the scale, and the weight will remain on display for 10 seconds.

Leveling System for the Ultimate Accuracy

A leveling plumb sits on the rear of the scale to ensure accuracy. Rotate each foot of the scale to change its height and level the scale.

Product Specifications

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