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Lenovo 27 inch QHD Monitor - Q27q-L

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Designed to make a definite style statement in any space, the ultra-slim Lenovo Q27q-1L is a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. No matter how you look at it, the Lenovo Q27q-1L perfectly projects the vibrancy of colours on its In-Plane Switching (IPS) display. Paired with dual speakers, the Lenovo Q27q-1L leverages both the audio and visuals for an immersive entertainment experience. Enjoy flawless gaming and binge watch shows without straining your eyes. Its premium design, accentuated by ultra-narrow bezels and QHD display, makes this ultra-slim monitor a stunning addition to your home. The latest eye comfort innovation, Natural Low Blue Light and Eyesafe Display Certification, provides maximum colour accuracy minus the yellow distortions - so you can consume your favourite content without straining your eyes.

The Elegant Performance Monitor for Work and Play


So heres the thing: You want a monitor that protects your eyes while giving outstanding picture performance. One that wont spoil the clean, modern looks of your immaculately designed home. And one thats supremely easy to adjust for different usage scenarios. You want the Lenovo Q27q-1L. A monitor with three separate certifications for its groundbreaking Natural Low Blue Light technology that reduces harmful blue light without shifting the color into awkward yellow hues. So, you can keep watching without fear of eye fatigue. Its super slim form factor seems almost weightless, supported by a slender, future-chic stand fashioned in iron gray for remarkable elegance and stability. A 27-inch, 2560 x 1440 QHD In-Plane Switching panel display that delivers large-scale, vivid visuals whatever you ask of it. But at just 6.9 mm thick, this sizeable screen doesnt block your home with bulk. And one more thing: Its patented Lenovo Artery Software unbuttons the formality of adjusting monitor settings because it does it all on-screen in a clean and effortless interface that lets you switch instantly to suit various work or entertainment uses.

Low Blue Light, Naturally|

Say goodbye to low-blue-light, yellow-hue blues. From the moment you switch it on, Q27q-1L protects your eyes against fatigue by reducing harmful blue light without complex settings. The monitors Natural Low Blue Light technology changes the backlights blue wavelengths without distorting the images color and carries three safety standard certifications: TV Rheinland Eye Comfort; TV Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution); Eyesafe Display Certification

Minimal Design Maximum Impact|

A powerful display for work doesnt have to bulge with bulk at home. At just 6.9 mm, the slender screen head is slimmer than your mobile phone. Mounted on an industrial-chic, minimalist iron gray stand, and anchored by a stable, square base, the Q27q-1Ls clean lines add a modern flare to your home. With near 90% screen-to-body ratio, it lets you focus on the superbly detailed visuals produced by a QHD display with 1.77 times the clarity of a FHD, true 8-bit color, sRGB 99% color gamut and even 75 Hz response time. Perfect for graphics projects and for rich gameplay.

Seamless Lenovo Artery Software|

The philosophy driving the minimalist physical form also inspires its on-screen experience. Make an instant switch to greater efficiency with Lenovos proprietary Artery Software. It lets you quickly create pre-sets for gaming or proofreading or watching movies, then rapidly switch between them. It learns your favorite settings. This monitor saves you time, boosts your efficiency, makes home working more productive, and has advanced features to give greater control of your connected devices. And does it all on-screen through its intuitive interface.

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