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MiNT SLR670-S Noir Instant Film Camera, Uses Impossible Film, Noir Edition with Black Body & Gold Stem, Black Genuine Leather

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The cool black and classy gold best represents that, just like the legendary Polaroid cameras. SLR670-S Noir combines black front panel and gold stem, bringing it to another level. The black shutter, black genuine leather and hand stamped logo, these all make SLR670-S Noir a special one. It is the fruit of painstaking labor. Every camera is simply a masterpiece.

You are looking at MiNT ultimate flagship camera. They offer the best of both worlds. High ISO sensitivity and low ISO sensitivity. Auto mode and manual mode. All in one camera. Manually set shutter speeds on the Time Machine and use 600 film in Auto mode. There are two auto mode settings, A100 (for SX-70 film) and A600 (for 600 film).

If you're looking for a Polaroid camera, this is beyond doubt, the best you can find. Time Machine has been specially designed to fit the SLR670 camera - weighing only 25g, the Time Machine fits perfectly on the camera with its sleek appearance. The gadget served to coalesce both scrupulous design into one connected whole.
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