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MonBaby Smart Button Monitor

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MonBaby is a smart baby monitor that tracks a multitude of variables such as a baby's breathing movements, sleep position, activity and proximity while sending alerts to an app on the parent's smartphone. The device consists of two parts, a button and a shell. The shell goes underneath the baby's clothing and the button goes on top. The two parts are snapped together, trapping the clothing in between. With this design, we have solved the main problem with baby wearables: the baby's growth. Parents can attach MonBaby anywhere, on any article of clothing, no matter the size or age of the baby. MonBaby is wireless, which is safer and more convenient. It doesn't require maintenance, like charging batteries. MonBaby is perfect for new parents because it gives them the ability to monitor their baby without constantly watching and listening, as they must do with a traditional audio or video monitor.
MonBaby Smart Button:

  • Detect the faintest movement caused by a baby's breathing
  • Sleep position alarm
  • Fall detection alarm
  • Proximity removal alarm
  • No daily charging; no wires; MonBaby is powered by a standard coin-cell battery
  • Its light weight and small size make MonBaby very comfortable for both parents and babies
  • MonBaby uses Bluetooth Low Energy which emits 1,000 times less radiation than a typical cell phone
  • Universal form factor and attachment mechanism means the baby will not outgrow the device
  • MonBaby can be easily detached and, using its patented design, can be securely and easily attached to most baby clothing creating a snug and safe fit
  • Ability to track the lack of breathing; parents will receive a loud alarm if the baby stops breathing for 15 seconds
  • Ability to track sleep position; according to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the safest position for babies during sleep is on their back; it can significantly decrease the risk of sudden infant death
  • To detect the slightest movements, the MonBaby smart button utilizes a MEMS 14-bit accelerometer (MMA8451Q by Freescale)
  • Measurements are done in real time, 6.25 times per second and transmitted via Bluetooth (4.0) Low Energy using CC2540 SoC to an Apple iPhone application or Android application
  • Sensor is powered by a 3V coin-cell battery, giving the device a life of up to 2 months
  • Antenna range of the device is up to 60', depending on the radio noise and wall material
  • Dimensions of the device are 1.496" x 1.456" x 0.35", which completely prevents the product from fitting into the choke test tube
  • Do not wash; remove the device from clothing when not in use

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