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Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p HD DVR Security System with 1TB HDD and 4x Wired Infrared Cameras

Night Owl
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Dual Sensor Technology
Night Owl's Smart Detection Security System uses dual sensors to eliminate the number of false alarms you receive by up to 90%. Whereas standard security systems using current motion detection technology send out alerts every time motion is sensed, our heightened detection system is designed to focus in on objects that present more of a threat. Gone are the days of receiving an alarm when a bug flies in front of the camera, a cobweb appears, the wind strongly blows or heavy rain looms.

Instead, enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies fewer motion alerts as Night Owl helps you protect what matters most. While our systems are set to motion record by default, we do offer multiple recording options as we understand the needs of our consumers are varied. As such, you may elect to set your cameras to 24/7 record or scheduled record should this be a necessity for your home or business. Keep in mind, setting your system to motion record with our Dual Sensor Technology will drastically increase the life of your hard drive and make locating important recordings much easier!

Conserving Hard Drive Space
Locating your recordings has just been made that much easier! Night Owl's Smart Detection Security System comes equipped with a pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive (HDD). With the advent of Night Owl's Dual Sensor Technology, your HDD will now last longer and not be riddled with false recordings. By efficiently eliminating up to 90% of false alarms, you can now easily locate the recordings that matter most! Additionally, the 1 TB pre-installed HDD can easily be upgraded to a max 6 TB internal SATA HDD.

Night Vision
Night Owl's Infrared Cameras provide up to 100 ft. of Night Vision. During the day your camera will display in full color mode. At night, it will enter black and white mode. Whichever mode, your cameras will always display the full 1080p resolution you savor!

Wide Viewing Angle
These wide angle cameras provide a 100deg. field of view, which far surpasses the standard 42deg. field of view of standard cameras. This enhanced field of view allows you to view a larger area while providing ease of mind.

Expandable System
While 4 cameras may suit your current coverage needs, one of the best features of this Smart Detection Security System is that it is expandable. At any time, you can add up to 8 more cameras to this system to further enhance your security presence. Additionally, the DVR is compatible with both High Definition and Analog cameras. Night Owl truly believes in offering our customers the variety they deserve!

1080p HD Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
Night Owl's 1080p Infrared Cameras are intended for both Indoor and Outdoor use. Come rain or shine, you can protect what matters most by placing the cameras where they will be of most use! These cameras are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand minimal moisture and dirt debris. However, the cameras are not waterproof meaning over exposure to water will reduce their lifespan. When placing your cameras Outdoors, Night Owl strongly recommends placing them under shelter of some kind. This can include but is not limited to eaves and awnings. By doing this, you will ensure your cameras are not overly exposed to harsh elements and will be there when you need them most!

Hardwired Security System - CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with internet option
Night Owl's Smart Detection Security System is a hardwired security system that offers invaluable peace of mind. Though wireless may seem like a convenience, Night Owl's system offers more protection. A hardwired connection provides uninterrupted viewing and recording with no delays! Additionally, you will not experience interference from other Wi-Fi devices. Further, this system does not require an internet connection to view your recordings. While your DVR must be connected to your Modem/Router to view your system remotely, you can easily view your recordings on a TV monitor simply by using the included HDMI cable. No matter what your individual set up, feel confident you will be able to view and access your system with ease!

Smart Device Integration
Night Owl fits right in with your mobile lifestyle by allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business with our exclusive and free Night Owl HD app for iOS and Android devices.

3 Easy Ways to Connect
Traveling out of town or don't have time to stop by your business? With Night Owl you can easily view your system from anywhere in the world! Easily connect to your video security System with your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Easy QR Code Network Setup in less than 2 minutes - Owl Scan!
Enjoy the quick, easy and secure remote setup of your system with our free Night Owl HD app, which utilizes Owl Scan. Once cameras are installed and functioning, customers are connected in three simple steps:

@@ Download the FREE "Night Owl HD" App
@@ Scan the QR Code using Owl Scan
@@ View and Playback Video

Motion-Activated Recording with Real-Time Push Notifications
Don't want to spend time monitoring an empty room? No problem! Night Owl's Dual Sensor Technology allows the system to record only when necessary. You can even set the detection area of each individual camera to monitor specific areas. You will receive a push notification directly to your Smart Device when your infrared cameras detect motion + heat change in the selected zone.

Multiple Viewing Options with Digital Zoom
Talk about being connected! Night Owl's HD App allows the user to create "favorite" screens and view multiple cameras from unlimited locations. Digitally zoom into any image during video playback directly from a Smart Device. For example, a business owner can view cash register activity in all four of their sites on one screen. Night Owl enables you to monitor your home and business simultaneously, without switching apps or devices.

Private Access to Video
User video is never transmitted to our server, nor any third party server, EVER. Once setup is complete, your cameras and Smartphone operate as peer-to-peer devices.

No computer needed for Playback
Night Owl HD App allows you to easily playback video from multiple cameras on one screen on your smart device. Plus, you have the ability to playback months of video footage without ever having to touch the DVR again. Our intuitive app can even store the video or picture directly onto your smart device.

PC/MAC Remote Viewing Software
With Night Owl's remote viewing software, you can easily view your system on a PC or MAC. Simply download the free CMS from our website and the software will find your device on the network instantaneously. This powerful software allows you to take full control over your DVR's and cameras. Easily backup video to your computer's hard drive, change settings like motion alert areas and even view up to 128 cameras at once or playback events from months ago. Turn your computer into a real-time security center in minutes!

24/7 Technical Support, Available 365 Days a Year
At Night Owl, our goal is to provide an incomparable experience for any technical support required. We provide more assistance than any other security brand by offering bi-lingual (English, Spanish) 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year.

InstallerNet - 3rd Party Installation Service
Need help installing the system? Night Owl's professional installation service has you covered. Contact InstallerNet at 1-800-806-5513 to receive a quote and make an appointment. InstallerNet is available to customers located anywhere within the Continental United States. Professional installation is an optional service, not included in the price of the product

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