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Emotiva Audio XPA7 7-channel audio amplifier

Emotiva Audio
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The power amplifier is the heart of your home theater system. Sadly, the amplifiers in many receivers, even though they may at first seem to be rated for plenty of power, just aren't up to the task. A lot of them sound good on paper, but just can't seem to deliver the goods. Some are just underpowered; others don't drive real world speaker loads very well; and some just start to sound muddled and confused when you ask them to play complex musical passages at anything resembling realistic listening levels. We're pleased to introduce you to the new Emotive XPA-7 Gen3 - the latest in our highly acclaimed XPA series of power amplifiers. The XPA-7 Gen3 features a classic audiophile Class A/B topology, with dual differential inputs, all discrete components, and a short, highly optimized signal path. Our Optimized Class H power supply topology gives the new XPA-7 Gen3 higher efficiency than its predecessor, and the new Switch Mode Power Supply delivers tightly regulated power, with better efficiency, and reduced overall weight. And, of course, the XPA-5 Gen3 offers the features you expect from a high-end power amp - like machined gold plated RCA connectors, audiophile grade speaker binding posts, and top quality parts and construction throughout. If you're looking for the centerpiece of a 7.1 channel system, or a great way to upgrade the output of your current home theater receiver, or if you're putting together a really powerful 5.1 channel system, and are considering bi-amping your critical front speakers, the XPA-7 Gen3 will give you the superb sound you want, and the quality you need, and all at a price you can afford. The XPA-7 Gen3 - pure audiophile power: 200 watts RMS per channel, all channels driven, into 8 Ohms. 300 watts RMS per channel, two channels driven, into 8 Ohms. THD+N: < 0.005% (200 watts RMS; 1 kHz; 8 Ohms). S/N: > 115 dB (ref rated power; A-weighted). Power bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.1 dB.

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